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The non-governmental organization Nova Geração Guarujá works in marginal areas of the southeast Brazilian coast, in the city of Guarujá, offering support and education to children who have down syndrome. The organization also has a support structure for the parents of these children, providing training programs about the genetic disorder and what special cares should be taken when dealing with our special children.

Your contribution can change lives. We believe that everyone deserves a decent living. In regions where the level of education is below average, the volunteers have to do an extra effort to show the wonderful side of our special children. Consider making a donation of any value to help the cause.


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Nova Geração Guarujá
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We dedicate a part of this website with a jobs board where public and private institutions in North America can publish a job offer for a small fee. This service is handled by a third party and Nova Geração Guarujá receives a percentage of each posting. Click here to visit the page.

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