About us & our work

Nova Geração Guarujá is a non-profit institution created to assist both family members and children in the autistic spectrum, and especially with down syndrome. The work is carried out in Brazil, in a city called Guarujá, which lies on the southeast coast of the country. The name Guarujá means "the home of the Guarus", name of the indigenous people who lived in the region. Today it's their descendants who live in the area.

The entity acts in its own location, giving pedagogical support, social assistance, psychological support, music therapy, among others to both the children and family members. Much of the current volunteer effort is to seek new sponsors to provide a better condition for the special children. The institution has been seeing success over time, and today there is the aid of other institutions that provide their space for important work, such as swimming pools for aquatic motor coordination programs.

In addition to providing care for children, specialized help is provided to family members explaining important details about the behavior of autistic children and how to proceed in difficult times. Having a special child in the family leads to hard moments, but brings a great happiness in our hearts when properly understood.

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